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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Stevenson School


Stevenson School has long been committed to three aims:

to prepare students for success in school and life beyond school;
to foster their passion for learning and achievement;
to help them shape a joyful life.

The Big Idea

Since its founding in 1952, Stevenson has been the school where students come to transform their lives by taking advantage of the School’s extraordinary educational and life-enriching experience. For Stevenson to be truly transformational, we maintain that limited financial resources should present no barrier to a child’s full participation in the Stevenson experience. This mission-driven imperative adds incalculable value to every Pirate’s journey, filling our classrooms with students who represent broad racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity, with a particular focus on students historically underrepresented at independent schools. Ultimately, we are committed to enrolling this nation's and this county's brightest and most deserving students, while ensuring that these students enjoy unfettered access to the opportunities and resources they need to shape a joyful life, and to develop, in the immortal words of Robert Louis Stevenson, “the strength for that which is to come."

Four years ago, when I found out I was going to be able to attend Stevenson because of a generous financial aid scholarship, I was so grateful and excited to be a part of a place I had always dreamed about attending. The generous assistance I received has made my Stevenson journey an unforgettable and possible experience. Reflecting upon my time here at Stevenson, it has been a remarkable adventure filled with personal growth, academic excellence, and countless memories. I’m looking forward to an exciting future that has been made possible by my experiences at Stevenson. Thank you.

- Anonymous Class of 2023