Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

S.T.A.R. Foundation of Monterey County


MISSION: To foster cultural understanding through the enrichment and development of youth-related performing arts programs throughout Monterey County, California.

The Big Idea

Costume co-op

There is definitely a need. Some theaters store their costumes and props in rat-infested, non-climate controlled spaces and various garages. The costume co-op would help theaters and schools catalog, store and maintain inventory. Designers could create, and area students could even spend their volunteer time helping to maintain costumes. This would not only give a safe location for storage but also could allow groups to rent or borrow from each other depending on the arrangement.

S.T.A.R. is looking for funding to purchase a building or to cover the lease for at least ten years. It will use current funds (an earmarked $90,000) and will solicit grants and financial donations to equip the costume space with washers, dryers, racks, sewing machines, shelving, etc. This would be a safe place to create and maintain costumes. If additional space is available we would also host a rehearsal space for a nominal fee to users.

I began costuming early on in life but did not become thoroughly involved in theater costuming until 2012. My experience has been that it is not only a hugely creative and imaginative endeavor, but it’s clear that live theater needs good costumers and resources. Resources have been fairly good as far as the collections of costumes for the various theater companies is concerned. However, some of the storage facilities are grossly inadequate. There is a great deal of spoilage, especially of vintage costumes, due to mold, rodents, vandalism, theft, etc. A central warehouse would be extremely valuable
to all theater companies in preserving their collections. The various small theater companies and schools are consensual in loaning, borrowing or renting out their costumes to other groups for the most part. The facility would make this much easier to work and track, and teach young people.

- Debbie Reed