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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Salinas Community Science Workshop


To offer a community space filled with the tools and materials of science that serves as a science education and youth development resource for kids, families, and teachers interested in learning and discovery through interaction with the physical and natural world.

SCSW offers informal science and engineering opportunities to underserved youth and their families in the Alisal, East Salinas. With our motto of “Tools in Your Hands!” SCSW gives kids and families the chance to use a wide range of tools and materials and the freedom to create a great variety of projects. Participants can also explore fascinating phenomena in our exhibits and specimens. We serve kids and families in several different programs both during the school day and during out-of-school time. Tinkering and experimenting in a free and inviting environment is critical to developing skills and knowledge, building confidence and self-reliance, as well as providing inspiration for possible future STEM careers.

The Big Idea

The atmosphere of our workshop is one of collective creativity with mutual support and mentorship. Learning happens easily in a CSW through intrinsic student motivation, curiosity and natural eagerness to understand. All the while students are in an inviting, safe environment with caring adults to help along their social development. We operate through 8 unique and comprehensive programs.
Our Elementary School Visits allows us to receive 60 classes of 4th, 5th and 6th graders from three local elementary schools each to visit the Workshop 3 times over the course of the school year.
Another program we operate is the STEAM Gxrls for El Sausal Middle School girls, the group meets each week on Friday and participates in outdoor equity field trips.
We give ongoing support to the teachers of ESMS in facilitating hands-on activities in their classrooms and expanding rsources to teach their current curriculum.

Community Science Workshops are a fantastic way to bring people together and promote education. They provide a space for individuals to learn about science and technology, and to engage with the community in a fun and interactive way. These workshops can inspire a love of learning and can encourage people to explore new ideas and concepts. They can also help to develop critical thinking skills and promote science literacy. By bringing people together, Community Science workshops can help people foster community and create a supportive environment for learning. Overall, Community Science Workshops are a great way to promote education, inspire curiosity and bring people together

- Guadalupe Soto