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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Salinas Regional Soccer Complex


The mission of the Salinas Regional Sports Authority is to develop and manage local sports facilities for youth in five major areas: soccer, softball, baseball, track, and volleyball. It is our vision to develop, build, and manage high-quality sporting facilities for recreational and competitive teams, regional and local tournaments, and high school championship games. The facilities will also serve as a venue for youth development, training, and after-school programs by local child-serving organizations.

The Big Idea

With your support, we aim to increase our capacity in preparation for a significant expansion at the Salinas Regional Soccer Complex. The expansion will triple the size of the current facilities and will have a transformative impact on our community.

Soccer is an integral part of our daily lives, traditions, and culture, offering a sense of belonging and shared identity. The Complex has become a safe, inviting, accessible, cherished place, bringing together multi-generational families to enjoy outdoor activities together. Any given weekend sees extended families from grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, and little ones partaking in an array of activities.

We recognize the immense potential the Soccer Complex holds to positively impact the lives of countless individuals. It not only provides a safe, inclusive place for physical activities which promotes health and wellness, but fosters positive youth development and the passing down of cherished traditions from one generation to another.

I want to express my gratitude to the Salinas Regional Sports Authority for all of their hard work to create, to maintain, and now expand a venue that thousands across this county and thousands across our region will enjoy. This expansion certainly is important for this community and for our region’s continued focus on youth development, on enrichment activities, as well as for better health outcomes. This is much more than soccer, it is about creating opportunities for our youth to learn about teamwork, about sportsmanship, about commitment, and it is certainly about putting more of our community’s youth and families on a pathway to success – and better physical and mental health which is very important now more than ever. Sports have always been a critical vehicle to ensuring that we develop not just our next great athletes out of this region but also our next great leaders.

- Honorable Robert Rivas, 71st Speaker of the California State Assembly