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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation


It is the Mission of Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation to support Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System by funding healthcare services, programs, and facilities for our diverse community.

The Big Idea

Behavioral Health has been an increasing community health concern for many years, and the complication of the pandemic has only exacerbated the intense need for services in Monterey County and across the country. In order to have the greatest reach possible while providing a variety of behavioral health services, we are raising funds to expand telehealth access and add support to existing service lines. Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System hopes to increase access using telehealth as a resource, along with providing more support for patients with behavioral health and substance abuse crises. Fundraising to provide these telehealth opportunities is a good first step, and we hope to further support this effort by providing financial assistance and underwriting to ensure that all behavioral health patients get the initial and, most importantly, the ongoing care that they need, regardless of their ability to pay out of pocket.

My children and I will always be grateful for this great help. Many thanks to the donors and this Foundation and may God bless you forever.

- Mario Delgado