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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Save The Whales


Our mission is to preserve and protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

The Big Idea

A recent study revealed that there is a higher density of microplastics in the Monterey Bay than in the Pacific Gyre. Save the Whales has a solution: Stop the flow of plastic from land. Their mascot Dee is Save The Whales’ anti-plastic pollution whale. She’s a life-sized, inflatable humpback whale designed to be walked through, delivering a captivating hands-on experience in which students can see a whale’s heart, lungs, ribs and intestines. Inside Dee, they can also see how whales can die from getting their stomachs clogged with plastic. Reducing plastic use is a lesson Save the Whales hopes to teach future generations, helping kids make the connection that what they use ends up in the ocean and inside whales like Dee.

Every student was fully engaged and attentive. Every part of the presentation helped students learn about whales because of the hands-on and strong presentations, with student participation components throughout the program. Unlike textbook-based learning, the hands-on experience helped students retain and internalize learning. The most valuable aspect of this program is that students are beginning to take ownership of what they have learned. I believe that the students will become caretakers of the ocean.

- Sung Shin