Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Save The Whales


Our mission is to preserve and protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

The Big Idea

Dee is Save The Whales’s anti-plastic pollution whale, and she has a story to tell. This incredible life-sized, walk-through, inflatable humpback whale teaches children how marine mammals live and the challenges they face in the ocean. More than half of all aquatic mammals found dead have died from ingesting marine debris (thousands worldwide every year!) — and plastic makes up to 90% of marine debris.

Plastic waste dumped on land can enter rivers and the sea through storm drains. With grant funds from MCGives!, Monterey County kids will become junior scientists and go inside Dee to see the size of her heart, lungs, ribs and intestines. They’ll see how plastic can clog her stomach. This captivating hands-on experience inspires students to take action to reduce plastic waste. Dee the Whale reminds us that we can all use less plastic to protect the fragile ocean.

“[A] unique and memorable experience for my kids!” – Kim Cornfield, Teacher, International School of Monterey

I am writing to let everyone know of the quality and impact that the "Dee The Beautiful Whale Program" had on the students at our school. Not only were the students wowed by the realization of the size of the whale and all of its biological features, but they were also touched and moved by the other messages that were also included in the program. After the program they showed in their actions that they were much more conscious of their impact on their environment and we noticed students caring more about litter and not using plastic. … I couldn't recommend the program enough!

- Jessica Allen