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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Sea Otter Classic Foundation


Through sports and recreation, we promote a healthy lifestyle for children and support our recovering veterans.

The Big Idea

Housing and transportation are two critical needs for homeless veterans as they move from crisis to self-sufficiency. Homeless veterans who obtain housing through the Veterans Transition Center (VTC) need access to convenient transportation. Sea Otter Classic Foundation is working in partnership with the VTC to provide a fleet of e-bikes that veterans can use for travel to the VA-DoD health center in Marina, and for other personal needs. Along with e-bikes, the foundation will provide safety training, helmets and maintenance clinics to keep the bikes (and bikers) in good working condition. E-bikes use rechargeable batteries to assist pedaling and provide low-cost, energy-efficient, and emissions-free transportation with a range of associated physical and health benefits. The Big Idea is to support recovering veterans and to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports and recreation.

I am a 50 year old veteran and I live in Marina, CA. When I was a resident at the Veteran Transition Center it was a bicycle that was provided to me through the program that became my primary transportation. I rode that bike to all of my VA appointments, DMV, and the grocery store . When I left the program I returned the bike and another veteran used it as transportation to get to his job.

- Dan Scott