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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Sea Otter Classic Foundation


Through sports and recreation we promote a healthy lifestyle for children and support our recovering veterans.

The Big Idea

Transportation and homelessness are two of the biggest issues facing veterans. Through a partnership with the Veterans Transition Center, the Sea Otter Classic Foundation works to provide veterans with reliable transportation. The goal is to continue providing a fleet of e-bikes for veterans to carry them to and from work, the VA hospital and other destinations. The foundation provides training, helmets and maintenance education to help keep the e-bike fleet in working order. Their proximity to the Sea Otter Classic allows them to leverage relationships with top bike manufacturers and purchase the bikes at low cost.

Since I have been provided with an eBike from the Sea Otter Classic Foundation, I have been able to efficiently get to my two jobs, medical appointments and to the store for shopping. I am able to utilize my time more effectively now that I have an eBike where before I was walking and riding a pedal bike to work which used up a lot of my time. Now I can easily go from an early morning appointment at the Marina VA clinic and make it to my day job on time using the eBike. Also, when I leave my night job I feel safe because the eBike has a bright light and a tail light.

- R. Greene

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