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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Sea Otter Savvy


Sea Otter Savvy fosters community awareness, stewardship, and involvement to reduce human-caused disturbance to sea otters and promote responsible wildlife viewing.

The Big Idea

Sea Otter Savvy is a science outreach program in which a community science team collects data in its efforts to monitor human-caused disturbance to sea otters. The teams shares its findings with the public, through local school programs and educational guides. This nonprofit’s Big Idea strives to reduce disturbances to our native sea otters and promote responsible wildlife viewing, establishing a new social norm where sea otters are respected as our neighbors in a beautiful, shared environment.

We opened Monterey Bay Eco Tours with a fully electric catamaran tour on the Elkhorn Slough in 2020, and I am so grateful for the help and guidance Sea Otter Savvy provided us. My biggest concern was how to provide a great tour with as little impact on the wildlife as possible. We are blessed with the numbers of otters in the Slough but their livelihood is precarious and Sea Otter Savvy provides a vital service with education and materials. As new members of their Community Active Wildlife Stewardship program we use Sea Otter Savvy’s wildlife viewing guidelines to inform and educate our customers on the need for wildlife protection while fostering stewardship of our wild spaces. As a small local business, we consider Sea Otter Savvy to be an invaluable resource and an asset to the greater Monterey community. We look forward to continuing to work with them to further educate our visitors.

- Wendy Kitchell

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