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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021



SNIP aims to reduce the suffering and death of animals due to overpopulation through affordable and accessible (mobile) access to spay/neuter.

The Big Idea

The Spay Neuter Imperative Project’s (SNIP) Snip Bus travels throughout Monterey County to bring low-cost, mobile clinics with spay, neuter and vaccine services directly to pet owners. This makes it easy for seniors, veterans, and low-income residents to responsibly experience the joys of pet ownership and manage their animals’ health. New to MCGives! this year, SNIP hopes to serve between 208-256 dogs and cats, preventing hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals from being born and removing barriers to veterinary care.

"I am a single mother working multiple jobs trying to make ends meet for my three children. We were given two dogs (a male and a female) by a family member, and they mated. We had a litter of puppies and I was blown away when I tried to take them to the vet for care, in addition to the food. SNIP helped us find homes for the puppies, in addition to spaying/neutering/vaccinating the mom and dad, plus all the puppies. SNIP came directly into my community, making it easy in addition to affordable for me to take off the time from work"

- Carla Gomez

Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

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