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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023



The mission of SNIP is to prevent the suffering and death of unwanted animals due to overpopulation through low-cost spay/neuter to low-income customers.

The Big Idea

SNIP recently reached the impressive milestone of 60,000 pets fixed since 2016, thanks to the diligence of our mobile vet teams! Our M.A.S.H.-style units roll into the outskirts of towns at sunrise several days a week, greeted by long lines of anxious pets and their owners waiting to check in with our bilingual staff. We are low-cost for low-income, providing accessibility and affordability for our customers, who otherwise would not be able to have their animal fixed. Our vets are specially trained in "high volume" spay and neuter, meaning they perform a higher number of surgeries vs. a bricks-and-mortar vet. We rely heavily on the community for clinic operational support in our mission to end the senseless daily killing of healthy, adoptable animals in shelters, as we do our part to help end pet overpopulation.

"I cannot tell you how much SNIP Bus means to me: I take stray dogs off the street in East Salinas who are now my family. I cannot afford to get them fixed but love them so very much. I am very, very grateful for the service SNIP provides so my babies won't have babies. Without what SNIP does for me (and the community), I do not know what I would do." (Translated from Spanish. "Esther Ramirez" is a pseudonym, as she is undocumented and we are respecting her privacy wishes.)

- Esther Ramirez