Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Sol Treasures


Sol Treasures awakens and nurtures appreciation and passion for the arts in people of all ages in South Monterey County and provides a home for creative and inspiring opportunities to unify the community through art and culture.

The Big Idea

To support the creation of a multipurpose, out-door performance and teaching area at Sol Treasures Art and Cultural Enrichment Center to allow for needed rehearsal, teaching, and performance space.

Our BIG IDEA is to create an additional performance and teaching space at the Sol Treasures Art and Cultural Enrichment Center in King City. The back patio and property would be transformed through staging and permanent canopies to accommodate the need for expanding rehearsal and performance space for Sol Treasures’ programs and the community.
Sol Treasures serves 275 -300 individuals each week through 12 -14 programs throughout the community, offers 60 on-site and off-site events each year, and reaches audiences of 7,300, annually. Sol Treasures offers community concerts; children’s musical theater program; middle school band; SOL-O Youth Strings Orchestra; and art, music, and performance summer camps. Rehearsal and classroom space is at a premium, varying in availability and cost.

The funds raised will help create a year-round, multipurpose out-door performance and event/classroom space at the center through permanent canopies, staging, and portable seating.

From my kitchen table, I’m looking out my window to see hundreds of students joyfully lined up in anticipation of the children’s musical theater production at the KCHS auditorium. The sound of their voices is inspiring! You all deserve thanks and praise for your efforts to create this experience for children in our community and neighboring Greenfield, as I look at their buses. What a cooperative effort between the community and both school districts! I look forward to seeing the production.

— Karen Jernigan, King City