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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

South Monterey County Animal Rescue (SCAR)


South County Animal Rescue was established to provide rescue and assistance for domestic animals. Our goal is to significantly reduce the homeless population of domestic animals in South County through safe rescue and adoption services, awareness and education.  We strive to establish relationships with other rescue agencies and collaborate to save more lives.

The Big Idea

South County Animal Rescue provides rescue and assistance for domestic animals. Their current project, “Spays Not Strays,” offers vouchers for free spay and neuter surgeries for South Monterey County pet owners, as well as every stray animal taken in for placement. By utilizing discounts offered by our local veterinarian partners and by working to bring the SNIP BUS to Soledad, they are stretching dollars to meet the demand. Every pet that has surgery is one more animal that will not produce a litter that could potentially end up in a shelter or abandoned on the street. Additionally, they offer free microchipping to every animal that is altered through their voucher program.

Thanks to the voucher program and the efforts of SCAR, a desperately needed service is being provided to our area by reducing the abandoned animal population. This project gives access to services some households may not be able to afford, as well as immediately addressing a necessary decrease in the amount of unwanted pets.

- Celestina Ripley