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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

South Monterey County Animal Rescue (SCAR)


South County Animal Rescue was established to provide rescue and assistance for domestic animals. Our goal is to significantly reduce the population of homeless domestic animals in South Monterey County through safe rescue and adoption services, awareness and education. We strive to establish relationships with other rescue organizations and collaborate to save more lives.

The Big Idea

Now in their third year of the “Spays not Strays” project, South County Animal Rescue (SCAR) is helping South Monterey County residents and their pets. They provide affordable spay and neuter services, which helps prevent unwanted litters for people who might not have financial ability to care for them or the desire to walk into shelters. Funds will largely support their desperately needed mobile surgical buses—The Big Fix and The Snip Bus—which are not only convenient but in some cases essential for those who don’t have access to transportation, especially with their pets.

As a local dog groomer I have worked with South County Animal Rescue for about a year. Over that time I have seen the amazing work this organization has done to save the lives of those animals who have been forgotten. I've witnessed them intervene when the situation needed immediate attention and bring even the most hopeless cases back from near death. I've had the privilege of grooming some of these pups new to SCAR, watched them get adopted and have been blessed to continue that relationship with these pups as their groomer. I've seen the transformation first hand and know that it is ALL because of their hard work.

- Jennifer Gray