Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

South Monterey County Animal Rescue


The Mission of South Monterey County Animal Rescue, Inc., is to rescue abandoned, sick, injured, or owner surrendered animals, provide safe and secure foster placement, provide adoption services for these animals, and provide education to and for the community at large about the importance of spay/neuter and animal husbandry

The Big Idea

South County Animal Rescue (SCAR) would like to make spay and neuter surgery available to any of our local pet owners that are unable to afford the cost. In South County, that number is far too high, due to the economic conditions in the area. SCAR is raising funds to provide vouchers to our residents to assist them in getting their pets into a local vet to complete the surgery.

Every year, throughout South County, healthy dogs and cats are abandoned and found in the streets. The cities of South County transport these healthy animals to both the SPCA and the County Shelter. A tiny proportion of these pets are claimed by their human owners; the rest must be cared for using the limited resources available at these facilities. Some of these animals are adopted out, some are transported to other shelters so adopters can be found, some are taken in by our local rescues, ARFP and POMDR, and some are euthanized.

One important step to fixing this problem is to increase the number of pet owners who spay and neuter their animals and reduce the overall population of cats and dogs. Help us reduce the number of healthy pets being sent to our shelters.

South County has a high population of animals that are under served by current animal agencies due to limited resources. Because there is no animal shelter south of Salinas, many dogs and cats are simply abandoned. SCAR has stepped in to fill this void, providing foster homes and veterinary care for many needy animals so they can be adopted into loving homes. Their dedication to this cause has been exemplary and your assistance will help many deserving animals get the help they need.

- Coral Armstrong, DMV