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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

SPCA Monterey County


Assuring compassionate treatment of all animals through rescue, rehabilitation, protection and education.

The Big Idea

SPCA’s Treatment, Learning, and Compassion (TLC) Program is at the heart of our mission, providing veterinary care or one-on-one behavioral intervention to stray or surrendered pets so they can be happy, healthy, and adoptable. Without this work, animals would have no place to turn.

An unwanted litter of kittens or puppies, a dog suffering from injuries and neglect, an abandoned horse in need of grooming and proper nutrition; these vulnerable animals receive specialized care through our TLC program. This care can last weeks or months as we treat, evaluate, and monitor the pet before placing them for adoption so they have the best chance in their forever home. Animals continue to come to the SPCA every day in critical need of TLC, and we continue to be dedicated to the care necessary for the second chance they deserve

"The SPCA gives all animals a second chance. They also give people a second chance by giving us the opportunity to adopt. We can't imagine life without him (Enoch) now."

- Harrison and Isela Perdue