Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018



The mission of SpectorDance (SD) is to provide excellence in dance training and performance and to celebrate the power of dance to expand community, nurture creativity, and fuel the human spirit.

The Big Idea

We The People will be multidisciplinary performance and educational program blending dance, opera, and film to celebrate our precious democracy.

We The People will be a new multidisciplinary performance and educational program celebrating our democracy. It will be a cry to all audiences to remember that we have the power and the responsibility to be engaged in and to protect our political process. We The People will explore such topics as the importance of the right to vote, the role of the free press, the checks and balances in the three branches of government, the universal need for access to healthcare and public education, the beauty of our diverse population and the way we have always welcomed immigrants who come to America for a better life, and our foundation and belief in the rule of law as intelligent, compassionate, and morale. We The People will utilize dance and performance to communicate information in an innovative way that reaches people’s hearts. It will bring people together around a shared experience, be a catalyst for conversation and community building. We the People will utilize dance, opera, and film to inform and inspire audiences at a critical moment in human history.

“Fran’s artistic perspective is perhaps just what is needed in these uncertain times. She uses our collective energy, imagination, and technology to create something new and meaningful. This visionary woman possesses the creativity to guide us toward all that we might be; where art imbues our personal lives and our public identity. The Studio is striking with high ceilings and natural sunlight. The only thing brighter is the light that shines from within the artist.”

— Susan Rosen, Age 68, Carmel Valley