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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020



Established by Artistic Director Fran Spector Atkins as a 501(c)(3) in 1997, SpectorDance’s mission is to provide excellence in dance training and performance for our community. We accomplish our mission by offering a wide variety of dance-based activities that connect diverse artists and audiences, bridging disciplines through collaboration and celebrating the power of dance to inform and inspire. The vision is to create socially-engaged art, to nurture creativity for everyone regardless of circumstance, and to utilize the arts to expand community and fuel the human spirit. With generous community support, SpectorDance (SD) has established multiple successful programs including: SpectorDance School, providing dance training in a variety of dance styles for all ages and levels; SpectorDance Company, presenting original works that highlight important social issues; SpectorDance on Site (SOS), providing free dance training and performances for underserved populations; Choreographers Showcase, featuring new works by guest dancemakers from across the nation; Sadie Rose Residency Program, providing rehearsal space for artists; and Monterey Ocean Arts Festival (MOAF), celebrating ocean science and art and featuring ocean-themed art created by youth under the age of 21. All programs are supported by generous grants and donations from community stakeholders who share our vision and support our work. SpectorDance Company’s multi-disciplinary works look at contemporary social challenges and incorporate original voices ranging from farmworkers to military families to at-risk youth to ocean science researchers. SpectorDance’s decade-long partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) has resulted in a dance and science collaboration to expand awareness of the impact of human activity on our ocean and its relationship to climate change. We have created performances and activities targeted to the entire community with a special focus on at-risk and underserved youth and family.

The Big Idea

“In Real Time” is SpectorDance’s new virtual, multidisciplinary performance about the coronavirus experience. Fran Spector, found er and director, has invited current and former SpectorDance Company dancers to participate. The creative process began with Spector asking the dancers to record (on their phones) answers to three questions: What is your coronavirus experience? What are your coping strategies? And what is your vision for the post-Covid-19 world? Collaborating with artist William Roden, she integrated sound bites from these interviews with dancers who now live in New York City, Los Angeles, Israel, Germany, Thailand and China into a music mix. She sent choreographic instructions to each dancer, and then created a movement study with local dancers, which was filmed. SpectorDance is now creating a film integrating all this material, which will be present- ed at their first Virtual Choreographers Showcase. During the next steps of this process of documenting this transformational moment, SpectorDance will delve into the complex issues around economic inequality, Black Lives Matter and civil unrest.

Fran Spector’s work is intelligent and creative. She is exceptionally successful at blending artistry and scholarship in her work. Often inspired by the landscapes and people of Monterey County, her choreography is beautiful, even as she explores complex issues such as social justice and coming of age in a violent world. Fran’s collaborative work is of the highest caliber.

- Colleen Bailey

We’re In This Together

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