Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Suicide Prevention Service of the Central Coast


Suicide Prevention Service is a program of Family Service Agency of the Central Coast, a private non-profit agency founded in 1957. Our primary mission is to identify individuals and groups at higher risk of suicide, and to provide them with safe alternatives to suicidal behavior. All prevention and intervention services and materials are free-of-cost and available in English and Spanish to the diverse residents throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito County. We operate with four full-time, one part-time staff member, and a team of 80 amazing, dedicated volunteers.

The Big Idea

Adolescence is a time of change which can be hectic and confusing, and is a period that isn’t easily understood (or navigable) by anyone. Many youth and young adults pass through adolescence with only occasional bumps along the way, but other youth experience serious setbacks, including mental health challenges and suicide attempts. Youth/young adults consistently exhibit the highest rate of attempts, and suicide is still the second leading cause of death for youth.

Resilience is the capacity of individuals to adjust and change in the face of distress and future adversity. It is not a fixed state—it changes and develops over the lifespan, and is influenced by internal and external protective factors, including traits, skills, and qualities. Recognizing Resilience is youth-focused program designed by Suicide Prevention Service which provides education/training around help-seeking and local available resources, including our own nationally-accredited suicide crisis line, to youth and young adults.

You may not remember me, but your caring staff made a huge difference in my life. I utilized your services on several occasions during the years 2004-2005...Although I was high-functioning, the active pain, grief, and healing I was experiencing was overwhelming my life. I am so grateful for your compassionate aid that you all provided without judgment. Your work must continue because it is incredibly important. I’m making a donation today to your organization because it’s time I pay it forward and I wish to pass on the hope that there is a brighter future ahead. It just takes a little courage and an amazing village. : ) A million thank-yous!!!!!!!

- Monterey County resident