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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Sun Street Centers


Preventing alcohol and drug addiction by offering education, prevention, treatment and recovery to individuals and families regardless of income level.

The Big Idea

Fentanyl, opioids, and alcohol kill far too many people and ruin far too many lives around the world and in Monterey County. Sun Street Centers will provide help to anyone affected, in anyway, to what is truly a national crisis. Our youth prevention and diversion programs attempt to engage high schoolers on the effect of substance use and abuse before it is an issue for them and provides diversion as an alternative to first time arrests for drug related crimes. Our Outpatient Counseling empowers men, women, and teens to stop the cycle of addiction and take charge of their lives. Our Residential programs provide intensive treatment to help individuals begin the road to recovery and our Sober Living Environments provide a structured recovery environment and the best possible opportunity of achieving and maintaining permanent sobriety. We also provide Narcan training and distribution throughout the county.

Sun Street Centers and their pre-diversion program actually has intentions on helping me become a better person. It helped me communicate with my pears and taught meet anxiety and anger coping mechanisms.

- Jose Gonzales