Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Sun Street Centers


Preventing alcohol and drug addiction by offering education, prevention, treatment and recovery to individuals and families regardless of income level.

The Big Idea

Sun Street Centers plans to provide the best, and most up to date information to the public about how the legalization of marijuana in California affects our local community. Our youth led prevention team (Safe Teens Empowerment Program) will light the way by hosting a series of town hall meetings that are designed to inform the public about the recent effects legalized marijuana has had since the law was signed in 2017. The town hall meetings will welcome the public to engage with local subject matter experts; including doctors, law enforcement, social service agencies, and individuals concerning the effects of legalized marijuana for our youth and communities at large. Topics include: the sale of marijuana products to youth, crime statistics, health effects on adults and teens, and perhaps most importantly: freedom from addiction! After the town hall meeting, participants will have the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the many resources that are available in our county for families and youth.

"The Safe Teens Empowerment Program taught me leadership and communication skills which have helped me make a positive contribution in my community."

- Yesenia