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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Sun Street Centers


The Mission of Sun Street Centers is to prevent alcohol and drug addiction by offering education, prevention, treatment, and recovery services to individuals and families at all income levels.

The Big Idea

We have already raised 71% of the funds we need to build a new, 8,000 sq.ft. Recovery Center on our Salinas campus to meet urgent needs of teens and families suffering with substance abuse throughout Monterey County. Please consider helping us finish the job by donating today.

Our county does not have adequate support for teens using alcohol, cannabis, and harder drugs. Drug-related overdose deaths in Monterey County have been rising faster than California’s rate over the past 10 years, especially for young people. Our project adds 300 spaces for daily outpatient treatment, recovery groups for youth and adults, Family Empowerment groups; and 40 spaces in sober living units for those in early recovery.

The cost of our new building is $4,409,672 for construction and site costs, permitting fees, and furnishings. The Salinas Planning Commission recently approved our plans. We need to raise $1,279,400 to finish the job.

I am a grateful recovering addict attending Sun Street Centers. I want to talk about how I was introduced to fentanyl. Since I was young, I always liked smoking marijuana and hanging with friends. In 2014, I was getting off probation and everyone in my party circle was beginning to talk about "blues," fentanyl laced pills. I decided since I'm experimenting already that I should try. It was the amazing feeling I always wanted. Four years later, I found myself completely hooked. I've destroyed everything in my life. All I want is a normal life and just to be able to stay clean. That's how I found Sun Street. This is now my 3rd time in the program. I love this place; I feel so comfortable. I know if I put in the work, I can stay clean. Thank you, Sun Street, for saving my life.

- Colby -