Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Sun Street Centers


Preventing alcohol and drug addiction by offering education, prevention, treatment and recovery to individuals and families regardless of income level.

The Big Idea

Sun Street Centers aims to host a Town Hall Meeting that will bring all sectors together, to address and prevent the widening Opioid crisis in Monterey County, creating avenues for prevention.

Sun Street Centers has hosted town hall meetings in times past, where doctors, hospitals, public safety officials, nonprofits, and the general public would come together to discuss key issues surrounding addiction in Monterey County. October is National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month and our staff had been informed that the Monterey Peninsula area was going to be taking the lead on the town hall in 2017 & 2018. Sun Street Centers would like to play a big part in this town hall, and is seeking funds that will help us make this a success. The topic will be a cross-sector approach to tackling the Opioid crisis in Monterey County. The vision that our Prevention Dept. staff had for the Town-hall meeting was having professionals speak the subject, especially doctors who work in the hospitals (Dr. Casey Grover from CHOMP). We wanted someone who could share a story of their own having to do with prescription pain killers, coming from the Client based side. Our staff have identified a professional sports athlete and a teen who can give their testimonials on how they became addicted to Opioids, so that the public can learn how to begin addressing the root causes of the issue.

“When my husband entered Sun Street Centers, I believed that he would be sober and our lives would be better. I also thought that the Family Empowerment Program would give me the skills to keep my husband sober. I never realized own behaviors and the part I was playing with regards to the disease. Because of Sun Street Center’s Family Empowerment Program, I have become a part of the Alanon family and learned that just because my husband has not yet embraced the program, I can still be happy. I have embraced the program and have spent the last two years taking care of myself.”