Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Tandy Beal & Company


Our mission is to present the artistic projects of Tandy Beal in dance, theatre, music and circus to enrich the cultural and educational life of the community with original concerts, collaborations, ongoing arts education and innovative outreach. We strive to develop emerging artists, support established artists, create partnerships with organizations to reach mutual goals, and unite community through the wonder of art.

The Big Idea

ArtSmart: Public Engagement with diverse & excellent art, by presenting multi-disciplinary concerts, residencies, mentorships, professional development for students, artists & teachers in Central CA.

The lack of access to imaginative adventures for the next generation triggered ArtSmart, bringing together our 40 years of making youth programs. For us, art is a direct way to develop respect for multiple viewpoints, open the imagination, show that focus & discipline can in fact bring joy, enhance curiosity & problem-solving skills through creative collaboration, and invite ourselves to learn about empathy. If empathy is cultivated in our schools through art – dance, music & circus – can we eliminate boredom and offer our youth reasons to explore a life that has wonder… a wonder more fascinating than tv or buying stuff or drugs or violence? Can we help children find their own voices AND hear each others’? Can we inspire kids to be curious about the world beyond themselves? We think we can with art. We know we can with art. Through movement residencies and performances with excellent, inspiring teachers and performers, we can create a better world for our children and our futures. Our project will bring art to students, teachers and families in Monterey County through ArtSmart concerts and workshops for a better, more compassionate world for all of us.

We ask all teachers to fill out evaluations after our programs. Here is one teacher’s response to the question: What value did you and your students find in attending a live performance concert? “Most of our students have little to no experience with a live dance/theater performance in a real theater. The Tandy Beal sponsored concerts are invaluable on so many levels: They are very interactive and kid appropriate. They are educational without being heavy handed about it. They are FUN! Students get to see what we have been learning all year performed by professionals. It validates our curriculum and serves as a model for what advanced application of these performing arts skills/concepts looks like. The performances also show students that there can be careers in the arts, both on stage and off!”

— Caitlin Johnston, Watsonville