Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Tatum’s Garden Foundation


The Tatum’s Garden Foundation exists to cultivate accessible, inclusive play.

The Big Idea

Tatum’s Treehouse will be a new 30,000 plus square foot, fully accessible playground located in Toro Park.

The Tatum’s Garden Foundation has been working with the county, on renovating the Quail Meadow playground and picnic area in Toro Park. We have created a preliminary design with the firm Leather’s and Associates, who design and provide support for community park projects across the country, specializing in fully accessible playgrounds. The plans have been reviewed by the Parks Commission, and an agreement has been made with the Board of Supervisors.

The agreement calls for the Tatum’s Garden Foundation to fundraise, build the park, and upgrade the picnic, bathrooms, and parking area. Upon completion of the project, the Tatum’s Garden Foundation will donate the park back to the county.

There is an extremely large need for fully accessible playgrounds in our area. In Monterey alone, there are nearly 7,000 special education students, many of whom may not be able to participate in a traditional park.

We have collaborated with several environmental groups, including Save Toro Park, and we have their full support on this project.

We are excited about allowing children, and adults with access difficulty, the ability to fully enjoy the park.

Tatum’s Garden has been such a blessing for families with special needs. This park has brought us so much joy, and we know the need is great for another park in our area. We cannot wait until Tatum’s Treehouse becomes a reality.

— Stacie L, Age 42, Salinas