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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Teddy Bears with Heart


Our mission is to gift teddy bears to first responders and agencies that work with children in crisis, the forgotten elderly and the terminally ill.

The Big Idea

Teddy Bears With Heart’s “Bears with Care” is a project aimed at giving comfort in the form of stuffed animals. The organization provides as many stuffed animals as possible to those in need, such as children who have been involved in car crashes, witnessed a horrific crime or are going through a traumatic time in their lives. They also provide stuffed animals to Covid-19 patients and terminally ill patients, offering a nonjudgmental, huggable friend to let them know that someone out in the world cares about them. All the bears now come with a disposable mask, not only to provide nonjudgmental comfort, but safety as well.

The paramedic handed Emily a little orange bear that was dressed as a ghost. My baby, if only for a moment, cracked a smile!! It was the swift glimmer of happiness that this mama needed to see. Emily had her Mickey Mouse with her as well, but there was something about the newness and the unexpected thoughtfulness this bear brought that lit up my child’s face. She grabbed that bear and squished him into her arms.

- Jenn