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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Carmel Foundation


The Carmel Foundation’s mission is to provide a place for members to gather and enjoy a variety of activities and services in an environment of respect and camaraderie; it's a place to call home.

The Big Idea

In the Before Times, the Carmel Foundation was a community gathering place providing lectures, presentations and meals. In the pandemic, they are still providing affordable and nutritious meals to seniors, and continue offering an opportunity for social connection in these isolating times with meal deliveries made by volunteers to homebound seniors. They share not only food but conversation, but can also assess the need for additional supportive services. Adhering to strict Covid-19 safety guidelines, plans have been put into place to ensure that vital services continue.

Every meal I have at the Foundation is a gift. I'm quite sure the price charged does not cover the cost of the food, much less the cost of the preparation and service. Feeding people with a variety of food needs and preferences is a challenge, and the Foundation manages consistently to serve delicious, fresh and healthy meals for very little money. It is a great blessing to all of us.

- Patricia Carlson