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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

The Carmel Foundation


The Carmel Foundation's mission is to provide a place for members to gather and enjoy a variety of activities and services in an environment of respect and camaraderie. It's a place to call home.

The Big Idea

Founded 72 years ago by community volunteers, The Carmel Foundation nourishes and enriches the lives of older adults in our region. We offer a variety of mentally and physically engaging activities and classes, homes for low-income seniors, and a multitude of meal options designed to provide nutritious and affordable meals for our aging population. Our recently expanded meal programs allow our members to enjoy meals picked up curbside, delivered to their homes, or enjoyed onsite in the company of friends. Every meal we provide includes the warmth of human contact, essential to good health and quality of life. With rising inflation and costs of living, it is more vital than ever that the Foundation continues to be able to offer affordable, delicious meals for seniors with the opportunity for social connection. With your generous help, we can continue to nourish seniors and provide them a place to call home.

"I feel like I can breathe again knowing the Carmel Foundation is in my corner. Leticia could not have been more gracious and efficient explaining the housing process and making me feel welcome with introductions all around the facility. All the employees go out of their way to make it a warm and friendly environment. I look forward to donating my time to the Carmel Foundation once I get settled in my beautiful apartment. Blessings to all those who make this possible."

- Linda Brennan