Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

The Colton Conservatory


At The Colton Conservatory our mission is to instill a sense of community, nutrition awareness and social & environmental responsibility in each student by incorporating the school garden into our science curriculum.

The Big Idea

Students will grow and raise crops through the school garden that will serve as their outdoor curriculum extension, as well as to serve the following goals:
1. Create a farmers market where students will sell their produce on site each month
2. Teach students about the business aspect of agriculture
3. Expose them to what it takes to be an entrepreneur
4. Expose them to healthy food options to increase their overall health
5. Provide a hands-on, project based learning model for learning
6. Promote social and emotional well-being by being outdoors and experiencing nature
7. Bring the community together by running a farmers market
8. Allow excess produce to be given to local food assistance programs
9. Increase standardized tests scores
10. Enable students to work on tangible lessons versus the traditional teaching model of abstract concepts in the classroom

This Big idea is meant to bring the curriculum the students are learning of to life, by making it tangible, outdoors, interactive and exciting. In addition, bringing in the community to assist with this is a big piece of our success. This project is meant to bring local companies, families, staff and students together.

I really loved going to the garden during my lunch break to plant flowers with my friends. The garden was always a nice and quiet place for us to go to get away from the chaos of lunch break. We were also able to eat our lunch in the garden and water crops that were growing. Mr. Cannon even let us take some succulents home, that was really nice.

- Isabella Lopez