Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

The Friends of the Marina Library


The mission of The Friends of the Marina Library is to provide advocacy, funding, and volunteer resources to support the Marina Branch Library and the community.

The Big Idea

The Friends of the Marina Library want to make their book sales available EVERY DAY by opening a community book store serving Monterey County.

The Friends of the Marina Library (FoML) have been growing access to books through book sales at the Marina Branch Library for the last five years. As sales and customer base continue to grow, it has become crystal clear that Monterey County craves a low-cost book store with quality books. From teachers looking to stock their classrooms on the super cheap to children with quarters and dollars able to buy a stack of early readers from their allowance, our book sales have filled a vital community need. Now the FoML has a unique opportunity to open a book store and sell books at rock-bottom prices everyday with proceeds to continue to benefit the Marina Library and by extension, the Monterey County Free Libraries. Proceeds from FoML book sales have gone toward expansion of the Monterey County Free Libraries book collection, e-books, free programming such as photography camps, summer reading program support, monthly music showcases, movies, an annual children’s birthday party (which attracted more than 300 children this year), monthly Block Party with Dad’s Reads and much more – all provided FREE. Help us fund getting our book store off the ground!

“The Friends of the Marina Library has greatly benefited our community by raising necessary funds to provide our community with wonderful activities for people of all ages, as well as providing books for sale at very, very affordable prices. Where else can you buy books around here, and, inexpensively? The Friends let me buy a book for a dollar, read it, then turn around and donate it so it raises money and gives another person a chance to enjoy reading. It’s a great community service that benefits our library.”

— Joy Junsay, Age 62, Marina, CA