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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Hidden Valley Music Seminars, An Institute of the Arts


Hidden Valley Music Seminars was founded to offer training opportunities of excellence in music and the arts. Focused primarily on young artists, Hidden Valley also offers classes to adults and fosters selected community arts activities. It operates major programs in chamber music, orchestral and choral music, opera, and dance.

The Big Idea

Hidden Valley Music Seminars offers training opportunities of excellence in music to young artists and adults. The Master Class concept— partnering some of the world’s greatest artists with promising students for immersive, week-long study programs—has been integral to Hidden Valley’s vision and success, with 200,000 hours of training offered to 5,000 aspiring musicians over the past 47 years, and 22,000 local audience members attending concerts as the culmination of that intensive study. Since 1983, Hidden Valley has also partnered with Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) to present at least 30 five-day educational programs for older adults each year. In 2020, the majority of Hidden Valley’s programs were canceled due to Covid-19. The nonprofit was able to transition some classes online, creating new opportunities for homebound students, and it is focusing remaining resources on maintaining the campus and planning for the expected resumption of in-person classes in 2021.

Hidden Valley is dedicated to art and music at every level, and the wisdom and foresight with which they have operated over the last 50 years attests to the longevity and importance of their vision in Monterey County.

- Dorothy Micheletti, Youth Music Monterey County