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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Tatum's Garden Foundation


The Tatum’s Garden Foundation exists to cultivate accessible, inclusive play.

The Big Idea

Our Big Idea is to bring back Tatum's Garden to its original glory! While many of the park components has expected lives of 20+ years, the park usage has been beyond even our wildest expectations, as 10 years later there are still not many fully accessible playgrounds in the tri-county area or beyond.

Many people do not realize that Tatum's Garden is a private entity, run entirely off of donations from local residents and businesses through the Tatum's Garden Foundation. The Foundations does not get any city or county funds for the on-going maintenance or upkeep from the park.

The rubberized surface often needs patching and repair as well, and being located next to fields where cleats are worn for soccer, softball, and baseball does not help (while they have their own porta potties, the kids often choose our bathrooms, who can blame them!). The surface is quite expensive!

The day my son first came through the gates of Tatum's Garden it seemed like he had found his home. Finally, a place where he's not limited by his autism, but celebrated for his uniqueness. This isn't just a playground, it's a beacon of hope, acceptance, and joy. Each corner, designed with understanding, lets him explore and grow, fostering new friendships and building communication. He especially loves playing in the sensory area. Tatum's Garden is a testament to each child's right to play, learn, and belong. To those behind it, thank you for giving my son, and countless others, a world where they can be themselves!

- Theresa Murray