Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

The Village Project, Inc.


To help our communities reach a greater state of well-being through the provision of community based, culturally specific services.

The Big Idea

The Children In Transition (CIT) Project will provide these children with individual therapy as well as support and psycho-educational groups, facilitated by a therapist or counselor, to build strength and resiliency and develop understanding and knowledge that they are not alone. Divorce and separation of parents are frightening and traumatic experiences for children. As a result, the Children In Transition (CIT) Project will work with parents in separate co-parenting counseling sessions to assist them in being able to effectively and lovingly continue the joint parenting of their child even though they are or will soon be apart from them. A longer range goal of the project is to partner with local school districts to provide wrap around support for the children we have in common.

I am a parent of two children who have been with The Village Project for almost four years. As a result of a caring and highly competent staff, my children have blossomed, academically, emotionally and socially. I can't say enough about The Village Project. On a rating scale of 0-5 stars, The Village Project should have a rating of 5 stars. It is the best.

- Clarence Edwards