Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

The Village Project, Inc.


To help our communities reach a greater state of well-being by strengthening families through the delivery of community based, culturally specific services.

The Big Idea

Urban Kids Code has been so successful in teaching our scholars useful coding skills, that we are implementing a robotics and arts portion to continue to introduce them to various STEAM opportunities.

Urban Kids Code has been so successful that we will be introducing our young scholars to robotics and the arts this coming year. Bringing together science, math, and technology gives them exposure to engineering, and gives them the ability to gain various problem-solving skills, a necessary component of robotics and engineering. In robotics and engineering, there are various parts that they may have an interest in, that can also highlight their best areas of achievement, such as the structure, motion, sensors, programming, and manipulation. Because not all scholars are on a science and math trajectory, but are instead talented in other areas, we will also have an introduction to the arts, where they will learn how to play the guitar, read music, and participate in plays. The arts help scholars achieve in numerous areas including math, assist their critical thinking skills, and comprehension. An 11-year national study examining youth in low income neighborhoods found that students who participated in arts programs were much more likely to be high academic achievers, participate in student government, take part in a math or science fair, or win an award for writing (Arts for Life).

“The after school program has allowed my daughter to blossom socially, emotionally, and academically. Thank you for allowing her to come into the program as a kindergartner.”

— Latonya Byrd, Seaside