Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

The Weston Collective


The Weston Collective (TWC) is committed to supporting aspiring photographers and preserving the traditional process of black and white film photography on the central coast of California through scholarships, mentorships, exhibitions, workshops, publications, lectures, videos, and artists in residence.

The Big Idea

Sessions of Framing Photography’s Future will encourage students to express themselves freely in a safe, creative, and fun environment while actively participating in thoughtful discussion and gaining practical experience working in the darkroom. The program will take an engaging, hands-on, approach to cover all aspects of photography through a diverse and stimulating range of in-class activities, projects, and lessons. TWC will work closely with MLK SOA’s faculty Arts Specialist and Instructor, Wendi Everett, to develop a sanctuary for students to learn about art and themselves. With the funds from this grant, TWC will be able to furnish its new classroom and supply a working darkroom to create an environment which is familiar to all students and a necessity for teaching and learning.

The Weston Scholarship is so much more than a competition, it is a door into a community created by the Weston legacy, and a tradition unique to the central coast of California. As a first place recipient of the Weston Scholarship in 2008, I won my first prize in photography, exhibited in my first group exhibition in a gallery and found my first mentors in Kim and Gina Weston. I'll never forget that moment when they announced my name as the recipient of the final award, it changed the course of my life. Ten years later I see this as the most important endorsement in my photography as an emerging artist. A few months after I received a scholarship I began studying at CalArts in the photography and media program as an undergraduate after obtaining my BFA, I went to assist other photographers and began showing my work in galleries in California and in the South West.

- Cody Edison