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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Tor House Foundation


To maintain and preserve Tor House, Hawk Tower and their collections; to promote the literary and philosophical legacy of Robinson Jeffers; and to serve as a cultural resource for the community.

The Big Idea

The Tor House Foundation exists to preserve the Tor House, Hawk Tower and their collections and promote the literary legacy of Robinson Jeffers, a 20th-century poet who made his home and tower from stone on Carmel Point starting in 1919. The nonprofit already offers access to Jeffers’ legacy by offering docent-led tours of the property. It now wants to expand beyond the standard tour to offer more exploration and education, drawing connections between Jeffers’ poetry and social justice and ecology. By expanding their docent staff, bringing in artists and hosting annual events, the nonprofit hopes to serve the community through art.

[Written in an email to the docent who led her tour] Tor house felled me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. . . . I was walking in circles a bit . . . so in awe with the place and its people and their tales . . . so in love with them and it all , too. I felt that way a very few times in my life. Walking cairns in Ireland. . . the writings of Samuel Beckett . . . sitting with my father the last year of his life. . . I clung to every moment. This tour has called to me for years and we weren’t able to get in. It was always booked. Now, I think the fates had us wait till it was you who led us through. By the time you were reading the poems of the pups, I had to either sit down or fall down, I was weeping so. It was a never to be forgotten experience.

- Robin Rose

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