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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Women's Leadership Council at Cal State Monterey Bay


To support educational opportunities for re-entry students at CSUMB

The Big Idea

The Women’s Leadership Council believes strongly in the benefits of education for re-entry students who often face financial challenges, family responsibilities and work obligations that most traditional students do not encounter. Setbacks such as the illness of a child or car repairs can be devastating. The council is hoping to raise $25,000 to fund student scholarships and emergency awards for at least 25 re-entry students at CSU Monterey Bay. Those funds will enable recipients to return and stay in school to pursue their academic and career goals. There continues to be an unmet need: The council received more than 100 scholarship applications for this academic year and had funds for only 27, and two rounds of emergency awards last academic year were expended in less than two weeks. While they have been successful in supporting more students than ever before, they aim to build their membership base to match the growth in CSUMB’s enrollment and to help compensate for the additional financial strain from Covid-19.

At a bright young age of forty-six, I returned to school. I graduated with honors from Hartnell. I’m a senior at CSUMB in the Collaborative Health and Human Service program. I work full-time as a substance abuse counselor and go to school full-time. I'm married have four beautiful and amazing daughters. I want to prove to my daughters that it can be done and hope my example will encourage them to pursue higher education. It has been a challenge to have quality time with my family and to keep up with my school work. As a re-entry student, I know what I want to accomplish, what I need to do, and where I want to go. My goal is to complete a master’s degree in Social Work or Public Administration & Nonprofit Management and to continue to serve my community through my career. I’m grateful to the Women’s Leadership Council. Thank you for making my dreams for higher education possible.

- Armando Elizondo