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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021



Upwell’s mission is to protect endangered sea turtles by reducing threats at sea, including fisheries bycatch, ship strikes, pollution, and climate change.

The Big Idea

Upwell protects endangered sea turtles, including the dwindling West Pacific leatherback population, against threats like pollution, discarded fishing gear and ship strikes. For its Big Idea, Upwell is focusing on the West Pacific leatherback, a turtle that visits Monterey Bay from spring to fall to feed on jellyfish. However, these animals experience ongoing risks and Upwell works to protect them from the dangers of entanglements and other threats through aerial surveys and satellite tags that monitor sea turtle movement.

"The partnership between Upwell and NOAA provides new opportunities to collect critical data on endangered leatherbacks throughout their foraging range off the US West Coast. These efforts directly support the development of science-based management actions to support recovery of this endangered species in the Pacific." -Dr. Karin Forney, Research Biologist, NOAA-NMFS-SWFSC, Marine Mammal and Turtle Division

- Karin Forney

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