Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Ventana Wildlife Society


Our mission is to conserve native wildlife and their habitats. Through the course of our work, we developed an organizational culture that strongly values science, education and collaboration and regularly found ways for both wildlife and people to benefit from one another.

The Big Idea

We spent the last 20 years releasing California Condors to the wild and managing threats that brought them to near extinction. The greatest threat, by far, is lead poisoning from ingesting spent lead bullets found in the carcasses they eat. In July of 2019, all hunters and ranchers will be required to use non-lead ammunition when taking animals throughout California. This shift in policy has the condor poised for full recovery. In this last chapter of condor recovery, our goal is to double the number of condors released annually. We are the only nonprofit organization in California releasing captive-bred California Condors and we have two active release sites in the region. The zoos are ramping up production and we need help to keep up. Endangered species recovery works! Please join us to return the condor to the skies in perpetuity.

“On behalf of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its Condor Recovery Program, this letter documents our support for the Ventana Wildlife Society in their efforts contributing to the restoration of the California Condor in the wild. Ventana Wildlife Society’s track record in wildlife restoration, in particular their success with Bald Eagles and California Condors, is highly commendable.”

- John McCamman