Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Veterans Transition Center


The Mission of the Veterans Transition Center (VTC) of California is to establish supportive pathways for Homeless and at-risk Veterans and their families to transition to a stable life through permanent housing, increased services, and rewarding employment.

The Big Idea

Congress restricts Veterans Administration (VA) funding to be used only to assist Homeless Veterans; the VA does not provide funds for their Spouse, Children, or Service Animals. VTC is one of two organizations in Central California that welcomes Homeless Veteran’s spouses, children and animals. Including families and service animals in our community generates a synergistic, positive effect on our other clients; it inspires them to complete their recovery to be re-united with their family. VTC will use any Monterey County Gives! 2018 Campaign funds to help pay for the $200,000 annual cost to house, feed, and provide case management services for the Veteran family members and service animals we assist.

Leaving Active Duty service, my wife, our six children, and I had nowhere to go. We lived in our car or crammed into a single motel room. We ran out of money. Without VTC’s help, my family would be living on the street. We now have a home in a safe community, our kids are in school, and my wife and I are working regain our security and future. The VTC has been a blessing!

- David