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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

Village Project, Inc.


"To help our communities reach a greater state of well-being by strengthening families through the delivery of community based, culturally appropriate services."

The Big Idea

As our communities emerge from the pandemic, individualized mental health will be essential to recovery, especially for the youngest among us. The Village Project is prepared to meet this need and support children and their parents and caregivers psychologically affected by Covid-19. This nonprofit’s Big Idea will focus on this need specifically, assessing youth for anxiety, depression, sleep issues and more clinical needs that stand in the way of a child’s ability to flourish. The Village Project already provides mental health services through a contract with Monterey County Behavioral Health, but wants to ensure no one in need goes without the care they need.

"A rock, a river, a tree". Who knew that the late great Maya Angelou was referring to The Village Project, a community organization that has served as a pillar of strength for many of Monterey County's children, families and individuals in need of mental health, wellness and support over the years. When my 8-year old daughter experienced racial harm and trauma within public, private and charter schools on the Peninsula, it was The Village Project that welcomed us into their afterschool and Emanyatta programs. As a result of The Village Project's genuine compassion and care, my daughter's sense of self was restored anew. Quite honestly, education and mental health institutions in this County can learn a great deal from The Village Project's model of efficacy, respect and genuine empathy for all and improving outcomes for our most vulnerable populations. I ask you to donate generously!

- Katrina Hassan Hamilton

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