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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Watsonville Wetlands Watch


Watsonville Wetlands Watch (WWW) is dedicated to preserving, restoring and fostering an appreciation of the wetlands of the Pajaro Valley.

The Big Idea

Watsonville Wetlands Watch’s Big Idea is to offer the wetland stewards after-school program to youth who live in North Monterey County. This will help fill an educational gap for students who are most at-risk of falling behind during the pandemic, which has disrupted traditional learning, by providing environmental education for the more than 500 students currently enrolled. The curriculum is now virtual, but will soon begin transitioning to in-person. The idea is to provide young people with a constructive venue, outdoors in natural settings, for education. They will learn to help heal the land through stewardship, while also healing themselves through emotional well-being and stress relief.

Watsonville Wetlands Watch is ultimately preparing a generation of environmental leaders, policymakers, and educators who will see us through to a more vibrant tomorrow.

- Paul Garcia