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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Watsonville Wetlands Watch


Watsonville Wetlands Watch (WWW) is dedicated to preserving, restoring and fostering appreciation of the wetlands of the Pajaro Valley.

The Big Idea

Watsonville Wetlands Watch will engage fifth through eighth grade students from Pajaro Valley Unified School District Schools in North Monterey County in hands-on environmental education and our community forest initiative, to develop young environmental stewards.

Through our Wetland Wonders and Wetland Stewards programs, students will explore the wetlands through hands-on educational presentations, field trips, and afterschool activities with our staff and trained high school mentors. Students will design investigations and collect and analyze data to determine wetland health.

Tree planting is an impactful step toward a healthier environment and reducing the impacts of climate change. Students and their families will receive shade and fruit trees to plant at their homes at bilingual school-site workshops, as part of our Community Forest initiative to increase tree canopy cover in the Pajaro Valley, clean our air and water, provide shade and cooling, and capture atmospheric carbon to help mitigate climate change impacts.

I really enjoyed going out to schools [as a Wetland Stewards intern], teaching students, and seeing the impact I was able to have on them. I would love to continue having an impact on younger generations. My goal is to be a high school environmental science teacher.

- Jasmin Martinez-Mendez