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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

World Affairs Council of Monterey Bay


The World Affairs Council of the Monterey Bay Area, Inc. is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization established to promote the education of the public, raise the standard of public debate, and encourage dialogue on global issues through presentation by experts with diverse opinions, discussion, and study of international affairs.

The Big Idea

We shall partner with the Monterey County Office of Education to invite the high schools in Monterey County to send teams, consisting of four students each, to compete in the local AWQ contest on February 24, 2024. The World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) created AWQ to encourage teamwork among students to learn about our interconnected and rapidly changing world. WACA will identify 10 international topics and provide an AWQ Official Study Guide to local Councils as the primary resource to help students and teachers prepare for the local AWQ competitions. The winning team will represent their high school, Monterey County, and WACMB at the National AWQ Championship Competition weekend in Washington DC. This trip will be designed to provide additional programs planned to enhance the students' global education experience, and an opportunity to meet and engage with approximately 250 like-minded peers from around the United States.

I am a Monterey High School senior. What sparked my interest in Academic World Quest (AWQ) Competition was the challenge. I knew AWQ will require hard work and dedication. But my team and I all knew we wanted to do it because we were all interested in international affairs as well. My favorite part of the Competition was when we all could sit down at the table around the computer and watch each other strive to do our best academically. Seeing the determined look on my teammate’s face made me feel confident and happy inside. They were all so amazing!

- River Valdivia