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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021

World Affairs Council of the Monterey Bay


Our mission is to promote public education, raise the standards of public debate, and encourage dialogue through the study and discussion of international issues by presenting expert speakers with diverse opinions and holding by-weekly group discussion free to the public.

The Big Idea

The World Affairs Council of the Monterey Bay (WACMB) shares expert information about global affairs, encouraging dialogue and raising the standards of public debate among global citizens of all ages through various programs. The nonprofit’s Big Idea is to host an Academic WorldQuest Competition, in which teams of high schoolers test their global knowledge. This would be a unique educational opportunity for local high schoolers, with the closest other competition held in Southern California. WACMB would also empower a local college student to coordinate the competition.

I am a retired high school and college instructor. I moved to the Monterey area in 2018. I was thrilled to find the discussion group and the monthly luncheons of the WACMB where I could listen to lectures from top-notch professors, economists, politicians, and historians about the important issues in the world and the role of the US in world affairs. The Great Decision meetings and the monthly discussions have stimulated my critical thinking and increased my knowledge. I have learned a lot about important issues in the world and feel that I have become a better citizen as a result.

- Suzanne Safar

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