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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

World Affairs Council of Monterey Bay


The World Affairs Council of the Monterey Bay Area, Inc. is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization established to promote the education of the public, raise the standard of public debate, and encourage dialogue on global issues through presentation by experts with diverse opinions, discussion, and study of international affairs.

The Big Idea

We shall partner with the Monterey County Office of Education to invite high schools in this County to send teams, consisting of four students each, to compete in Academic WorldQuest Competition (AWQ) on February 11, 2023. WACA created AWQ 20 years ago to encourage teamwork among students to learn about our interconnected and rapidly changing world, with the prospect of winning prize money. WACA will identify 10 international topics each year and provide an AWQ Official Study Guide to local Councils as the primary resource to help students and teachers prepare for the timed question-and-answer local AWQ competitions. The winning team will represent their high school, Monterey, and WACMB at the National AWQ Championship Competition weekend in Washington DC which will provide additional programs planned to enhance the students' global education experience, and an opportunity to meet and engage with approximately 250 like-minded peers from around the United States.

As a retired assistant superintendent of Educational Services, Alisal Union School District and Monterey County Office of Education, and an active member of WACMB, I highly support the Academic World Quest Program and the WACMB. I find in the public lectures and discussion groups provided by WACMB an excellent resource for developing evidence-based, critical thinking across various perspectives for adults and students. The ability to synthesize a position from multiple sources is a critical citizenship skill. The Academic World Quest Program is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to deepen their knowledge of international issues, and develop such skills. Implementing the Academic World Quest countywide necessitates strong program leadership and contact networks within public education. WACMB has demonstrated excellent leadership overtime. The WACMB Board includes retired members from local colleges and county offices of education and districts, leveraging the networking necessary to effectively implement the program.

- Jeanne Herrick