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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

York School


We inspire and prepare a diverse community of creative, independent thinkers.

The Big Idea

A little-known fact about York School is our very inclusive nature. York wants to share our excellent academic program with all qualified students in grades 8 – 12, regardless of their families’ ability to pay full tuition. We do so by having a comprehensive tuition assistance program which benefits over 64% of the academically qualified students who attend our school. In fact, this past year we added a new component to our tuition assistance program.

While York is already entrenched with diversity, equity, and inclusion in our everyday ethos, the new component is one that is targeted to specifically address underrepresented communities in Monterey County and surrounding areas and to focus our intentional efforts on African-American/Black and Latino/Hispanic students. This new Diversity Initiative program will provide tuition assistance to support 95% of a student’s tuition.

Your contribution to York School could literally change a young person’s life!

My experience at York was truly transformative. York provided me a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment to learn, critically think, and grow into a young adult. At its core, York properly prepared me academically and physically for entrance into college at the US Naval Academy. The community created by caring instructors, staff, and fellow classmates encouraged me to elevate to levels I never thought I could achieve. For this opportunity, I will always be extremely grateful and indebted to York. I am also extremely grateful for the lifelong classmates and friends I made while attending York.

- Jesus Torres, Jr. '91