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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Youth Arts Collective (YAC)


Youth Art Collective's mission is to inspire creativity, kindness and confidence in our local youth through artistic expression and mutual respect.

The Big Idea

Youth Arts Collective (YAC) provides education and mentorship through their after-school program, art education and mentorship. Professional artist mentors provide youth with encouragement to be who they are and express how they feel, and “YACsters” discover their artistic voices, gain social confidence and learn communication skills. YAC builds bridges to both the elder community through its ongoing Elders Portrait Project and for younger kids through the Saturday morning art classes at YAC and bi-monthly art classes at the Village Project’s after-school program. Each year YACsters exhibit their work in eight to 10 community organizations, including senior centers, and always have art displayed for the public in the YAC gallery and studios.

To this day, joining YAC is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. [Without them] I would have more fear and less vision; I would be a different person without the same confidence to dream. YAC has shown me how art brings people together for the greater good.

- Logan Parsons, YAC graduate and artist