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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Youth Music Monterey County


To inspire excellence in individual students and enrich our community by providing young people with opportunities to participate in, and gain greater understanding of, music and its performance.

The Big Idea

We seek to provide our youth with an appreciation for the creative and artistic beauty of past and contemporary classical music, including diverse composers whose music is compelling and relevant to today's youth. Music is a pathway to understanding what it means to be human and to develop understanding and compassion for humanity.

The membership of YMMC's JYO & Honors Orchestras, Chamber Ensembles, Orchestra in the Schools, and South County Strings is 350-400 youth, representing over 30 schools across Monterey County. The JYO & Honors orchestras meet once a week for rehearsals and present three symphony concerts each season. The chamber ensembles perform for a wide range of community events, senior assisted living centers, and at spring recitals. Orchestra in the Schools & South County Strings students receive two hours of instruction per week and present two concerts a week.

YMMC has been a unique gateway for me into the world of classical music. The organization provided an environment that exposed me to various styles of works and composers, allowed me to explore music in small chamber ensembles, and allowed me to mature my musical knowledge as I worked alongside other talented and determined musicians alike in the large orchestral setting. My time in YMMC has been one of many experiences that has influenced me to pursue music in college, for I will be studying music education and oboe performance in the fall at UCLA. YMMC fostered a large portion of my musical growth throughout my adolescence and I will be forever thankful for what YMM has done for myself and my community.

- Cayden Bloomer