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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Youth Music Monterey County


Youth Music Monterey County's mission is to inspire excellence in individual students and enrich our community by providing young people with opportunities to participate in, and gain greater understanding of, music and its performance.

The Big Idea

Youth Music Monterey County aims to inspire excellence in individual students and enrich the community with musical performances by young people. The process of getting there requires countless lessons, rehearsals, encouragement and dedication, and YMMC hopes to continue offering all of that—regardless of students’ ability to pay. The Big Idea is tuition assistance and a private lesson scholarship program to assure that no student is excluded for inability to afford the costs associated with participation in their orchestras. Many alumni regard their years in Youth Music Monterey County as important to their success in music and beyond; many graduates have attended college and report back that they receive scholarships based on both musical and academic achievements.

Thank you so much for all the support you have given me throughout my time in YMMC! Despite any obstacles I have had, YMMC was consistently there to advocate on my behalf. YMMC respects all students’ passion for music. I wish YMMC the best, and know its programs will continue to provide excellent guidance to new generations of musicians.

- Amadeus Soria

We’re In This Together

Nonprofits are more important that ever in this trying time. Monterey County Gives! was created to support the local nonprofit community's Big Ideas (and programs). And thanks to your participation and generosity, Monterey County Gives! raised over $5.3 million for 163 local nonprofits in 2019.

MCGives! has now raised and contributed over $27 million dollars since its inception ten years ago. That’s astounding. And wonderful. Thank you to all our Partners, Sponsors, nonprofit Board Directors, staff and volunteers — and each of our 4,902 donors. We did it, together.

APPLY FOR Monterey County Gives!

The 2020 Monterey County Gives! RFP (for applying nonprofits) is active until August 1. Monterey County Gives! 2020 campaign kicks off in early November.