Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Youth Orchestra Salinas


Our mission is to transform the lives of our youth and communities through the inspiration, discipline, and performance of classical and other orchestral music.

The Big Idea

We have a tuition free, daily after school and summer program of choral and instrumental music for Salinas students in grades K-12.

Youth Orchestra Salinas wants to keep our outstanding music program going! We have over 250 students who come to us after school and for six weeks in the summer. K-2 students come twice a week after school. and for six weeks in the summer. Grade 3-12 students come everyday in the school year and for six weeks in the summer. Students have two hours of musical instruction daily. We transport them from school to us and from us to home. We engage students in a program that leads up to all students playing an instrument in our orchestra, while keeping them safe. Children learn responsibility, collaboration and the joy of playing music with their orchestra mates.

Thank you, Amalia, for pushing me to do better with my instrument and to play notes correctly. You encouraged me to do better and put all my effort when playing my instrument. …I am very happy that I applied to this music program because it’s the best thing in my life. I absolutely love playing my instrument.

— Anrea Morales, Age 11, Salinas