Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Monterey County Gives! Request for Proposals

Applications for the 2018 Monterey County GIVES! are now open.


Monterey County Gives Request for Proposals 2018

  • DEADLINE: Midnight, July 31

    Back in 2000, Monterey County Weekly launched an annual program to support local nonprofits when we established the Monterey County Weekly Community Fund — a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC). We invited our readers to join our effort to support selected nonprofits and create ‘change through charity.’ Thanks to the support and partnership between the Community Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Weekly, the program raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    In 2009 we expanded our efforts, added new partners, created an interactive website for online giving and officially launched Monterey County Gives!.

    MCGives! leverages the editorial and advertising support of Monterey County Weekly with a significant matching fund from our major partners, plus organization-generated challenge grants — all to stimulate broad donor support. A special print edition in early November highlights each participating organization’s mission and successes, and their proposal for MCGives!. The campaign ultimately directs the Weekly’s readers and prospective donors to the MCGives! website featuring a simple commerce site that supports and encourages online donations.

    Monterey County Gives! launched thanks to a partnership between the Weekly, the Community Foundation for Monterey County, the David & Lucile Packard Foundation and the Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel. The Cannery Row Company joined us in 2014 and one year later the Monterey Peninsula Foundation became a important new cornerstone — taking MCGives! to new heights. With their support, Monterey County Gives! has kicked off each year’s campaign with a matching fund of at least $300,000, spurring on new donors‘ participation and helping make Monterey County Gives! a great community success story. Last year over $4.8 million was donated during the six-week campaign, from over 4,700 donors, bringing the total raised and donated to over $17.1 million since the Weekly’s Community Fund was established.

    MCGives! is a shining example of collaboration — great partners committed to the program’s mission and a supportive community willing to donate their resources to the nonprofits that contribute so importantly to the health and welfare of our community.

    HOW MCGives! WORKS
    We will choose the nonprofits to be part of this year’s Monterey County Gives! by early September — based on our committee’s best judgement as to the value of the Big Idea proposed, the organization’s track-record for success, and the importance to the community.

    The campaign takes flight with a special Monterey County Gives! issue in the Weekly in mid-November, the same day the website goes live. The MCGives! campaign runs through midnight December 31.

    Readers will have the opportunity to read about your organization and your ‘Big Idea’ project in both the MCGives! edition of Monterey County Weekly and online at

    Readers of the Weekly are directed online to donate to the nonprofit(s) of their choosing. You are welcome to utilize the MCGives! website for your year-end fundraising, thereby increasing your opportunity for obtaining MCGives! Organization Challenge Grants, Special Awards and the matching funds.

    As with last year’s campaign, the Monterey County Gives! generates a matching fund to encourage more giving, this year expected to be more than $350,000. Each nonprofit will receive their prorated share of the match based on total funds earmarked for your group by the donors. We provide the prorated match on the first $75,000 your organization raises in MCGives!, to ensure the overall match fund is shared most equitably among all participating nonprofits (for every dollar raised during our campaign last year, the match was approximately 12% for participating organizations).

    These additional Special Award opportunities are made possible through the generosity of the Community Foundation for Monterey County:

    $2,500 Ingenuity Grant
    This grant is awarded to one nonprofit that demonstrates ingenuity and creativity through their approach in resolving their sector’s challenges.

    $1,000 Most Donors Award
    This award will be given to the nonprofit that generates the most donors during MCGives!.

    $1,000 Most Young Donors Award (from 18-35 Year Olds)
    This award will be given to the nonprofit that receives the most donations from those who are between 18 and 35 years old. This award is meant to challenge our younger readers and the organizations participating to help stimulate more contributions. This is a way to generate excitement around philanthropy and to inspire the next generation, to experience the feelings of joy and reward that accompany acts of generosity. Plus, the goal is to jumpstart vital lifelong partnerships between younger donors and the local nonprofit community, with the hope that as their financial position grows so will their contributions and involvement.

    Any local 501(c)3 organization that serves Monterey County is eligible to apply (sorry, we do not accept applications from groups with fiscal sponsors). We are interested in projects that will improve the health, welfare and environment of our community; in programs that are innovative, original, and when implemented, will make a positive and noticeable mark on our community.

    We choose organizations with a clearly stated Big Idea. Be creative. Be thoughtful. Demonstrate that you can deliver on the program you propose with your proposed budget. The more original and specific your Big Idea, the more likely your group will be selected for MCGives! while simultaneously attracting the interest and attention of our editorial staff for MCGives! spotlights — and additional donor interest.

    The deadline for application submission is midnight, July 31.
    (Note: include your high-resolution photos and most recent IRS 990 Form or your application will be considered incomplete)

    Our grant-making committee will review all proposals and select the MCGives! participants by September 3. We are seeking proposals that are innovative, mission-critical and have the greatest opportunity to make a difference.

    We have broad interests and less specific criteria for evaluating your application than many other funds. Additionally, you can participate in Monterey County Gives! campaign while pursuing any other fundraising campaign. If chosen to participate, you may be required to submit additional due diligence documents prior to the public announcement of the campaign, in order to be included.

    Organizations selected for the Monterey County Gives! Campaign will be announced by September 3 via email. The final award your organization receives, including the pro-rata match, will be determined once all donations are tallied next January after costs for production of the special MCGives! Special Issue, development of the website, bank interchange credit card fees, and accounting costs are deducted. Last year’s costs for running this campaign were less than 5%. Your group will receive funds by the week of March 1. All donations are handled by the CFMC, and directly deposited into the Monterey County Weekly Community Fund at the Community Foundation for Monterey County. The official tax notification will be generated for donations $250 or greater by the CFMC (all donors receive an email receipt from the MCGives! website upon making their donation). However, it is our recommendation that you send a personal thank-you to each donor.

    Be clear. Be succinct. Be complete. Good luck!

    Questions? Email: [email protected]

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