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Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

Dorothy's Place


With love, respect and compassion, the Franciscan Workers of Junipero Serra provide essential services and transitional support to people experiencing the injustice of homelessness and extreme poverty.

The Big Idea

Dorothy's Drop-In Center (DIC) is often the first contact unsheltered individuals have in accessing services and getting connected to services. It provides a lifeline for unsheltered individuals in our community, offering respite and personalized connection. Serving up to 200 people per day consumers have access to bathrooms, showers, clean clothes, and charging stations. As consumers build relationships and trust, skilled community health workers (CHW) at the DIC assist in connection to healthcare services, recovery of vital documents, and securing income. Our DIC sees up to 200 people a day for these services, you can imagine the toll this takes on the facilities. Broken tiles and fixtures in need of repair. Please help us restore the DIC to make much-needed repairs and replacements so we can provide a space of dignity and hope for those in our community who need it most. for new showers and fixtures in Dorothy's Drop-In Center.

The Drop-In Center is so accommodating. If people need shoes or a jacket, they are able to get something every day. I need a clean pair of socks every day and I can always get that from Dorothy’s. The Drop-in Center showers especially are great because I volunteer next door in the kitchen and it’s essential to try and have clean clothes and be clean. And you don’t always have that when you’re homeless and you guys are able to help me when no one else can.

- Daisy, last name withheld to retain anonymity