Hospice Giving Foundation


Hospice Giving Foundation believes living well includes dying peacefully, in comfort, and with dignity. Advocating compassionate end-of-life care, we raise funds and award grants to strengthen local providers’ ability to serve our community. We promote advance planning so families can prepare for and access choices for end-of-life care.

The Big Idea

Fill your heart with gratitude for those you love and let your compassion connect you with Hospice Giving Foundation to support dignity and the best care possible at end-of-life.

About Us

Fill your heart with gratitude and let your compassion connect you with Hospice Giving Foundation to support the best end-of-life care. We encourage families to let your compassion guide you in conversations with loved ones to find the right way to be at their side throughout life’s journey. We believe it’s a big idea to reflect, express gratitude, and empower the fulfillment of end-of-life wishes. For each person remembered we will display the names on our roster of remembrance on our website, at celebrations, and included in our social media conversations. Hospice Giving Foundation supports dignity and compassion at end of life; less about dying and more about making this journey peaceful and a time of grace and celebration.

“Thank you for coming to be with us…” In the final minutes of his life, infant Ivan was held by all of his family members, and even his 3 year old brother held him, lovingly in his arms. Ivan passed away in the NICU at Natividad. As we gathered around his tiny body, I offered prayers of comfort, and peace, especially for the end of Ivan’s suffering. As we all gathered for a group hug, to cry and shed many tears together, Ivan’s mother comforted all of us by saying, “for the few short days that Ivan was with us, I am comforted by knowing that Ivan was loved while he was here.” In those moments when any of our patients are in a bad way, support from the HGF helps to provide loving, gracious treatment and care for both patients and their families. On behalf of the Spiritual Care Advisors at NMC, we appreciate the support of the Hospice Giving Foundation.

-Reverend Lawrence Robles