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Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019
Total Raised $2,980,810.66
Individual Donations $1,277,309.30
Overall Matching Fund $511,646.68
Organization Challenge Gifts $1,191,854.68
Donors 2253
$0 Initial Goal


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Joining Together for Big Ideas: BE THE LOVE!

Welcome to the 2019 Monterey County Gives!

Nonprofits are a cornerstone of our community. Whether you’ve attended local arts or music events, received legal support or health care services, adopted a pet, or enrolled your child in a special after school program, chances are high you’ve interfaced with a dozen or more groups — in recent months.

Without the more than 1,000 local nonprofits working tirelessly to fulfill their missions — everyday — our community would look and feel like a very different place.

And each needs your support, however that comes forward.

We’ve been on the frontlines to witness local nonprofits’ broad-reaching impact.

More than a decade ago, the Weekly decided we could leverage our resources and create a new program for local philanthropy — to support the nonprofit community even more. We first established the Monterey County Weekly Community Fund as a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) in 2000. In 2009, we created an annual appeal to our readers — Monterey County Gives! Today Monterey County Gives! is a Special Project of Monterey County Weekly in partnership with CFMC, enabling you to even donate via your IRA retirement fund.

In last year’s campaign Monterey County Gives! raised over $5.4 million in six weeks, thanks to nearly 5,000 donors. Since its inception, the program has raised and donated over $22.5 million to over 450 local nonprofits.

$1,532,679 in Matching and Challenge Gifts!

Collaboration. Partnership. Synergy. These are the keys to MC GIVES!

The campaign is a partnership between the Weekly, the Community Foundation for Monterey County and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation. Coupled with the generosity of our major supporters — the Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel, Cannery Row Company, the David and Lucille Packard Foundation and the Colburn and Alana Jones Foundation at CFMC —  MCGIVES! kicks off with an overall Matching Fund of over $460,000.

Many participating nonprofits stepped up and raised Challenge Gifts from key supporters, to spur more giving and new donors from the community — over $1,000,000 to kick-off this year’s campaign.

Combined  Monterey County Gives! has over $1.5 million in Matching and Challenge Gifts.

MCGIVES! runs through midnight December 31. 

We invite you to join in this great program, become a donor, even help spread the word. If you would, pass along the print issue of Monterey County Gives! to a friend or co-worker. Use the social media tools on this website to post your message to Facebook or Tweet about Monterey County Gives! Every bit helps. We’re in this together, and can collectively create positive change for all of us who call Monterey County home.

Feel the Love. Click DONATE to make a tax-free donation.

Thank you.

Bradley Zeve, Monterey County Weekly
Dan Baldwin, Community Foundation for Monterey County
Steve John, Monterey Peninsula Foundation




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