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Nov 11 - Dec 31, 2021
Total Raised $9,715,183.10
Individual Donations $6,899,175.51
Overall Matching Fund $947,777.03
Organization Challenge Gifts $1,868,230.56
Donors 7540
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The key to a good life is making an impact, big or small

Welcome to the 2021 Monterey County Gives!

Last year our community experienced a pandemic, three local wildfires, economic upheaval, numerous business closures, physical confinement and mental unease. While 2021 has been trending in the right direction, the “new normal” is difficult for many individuals, families and institutions throughout our region, particularly for those who entered this period with less means.

What may be most remembered and revered after all this passes, however, is how some folks shined in a time of crisis and, even more importantly, how our community—as a whole—came together for the good.

Nonprofits are a vital cornerstone of our community. Whether you’ve needed help to recover after a wildfire or job loss, attended local educational, arts or music events, received legal support or health care services, adopted a pet, or enrolled your child in an extracurricular program, chances are high you’ve interfaced with a dozen or more local groups.

Without the more than 1,000 local nonprofits working tirelessly to fulfill their missions every day, our community would look and feel like a very different place. Their collective missions and programs have a huge impact on our lives.

And this year, in particular, each needs your support, however that looks.

We’ve been on the front lines to witness local nonprofits’ broad-reaching impact.

More than a decade ago, the Weekly decided we could leverage our resources and create a new program for local philanthropy to support the nonprofit community. We first established the Monterey County Weekly Community Fund as a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) back in 2000. In 2009, we created an annual appeal to our readers—Monterey County Gives!

Today, Monterey County Gives! is a special project of Monterey County Weekly in partnership with CFMC and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, enabling you to donate in traditional ways, or through different types of gifts, such as via your IRA retirement fund.

In last year’s campaign, Monterey County Gives! raised over $7.8 million in six weeks, thanks to more than 7,500 donors. Since its inception, the program has raised and donated over $34 million to approximately 500 local nonprofits.

Over $2,100,000 in Matching and Challenge Gifts!

Collaboration. Partnership. Synergy. These are the keys to MCGives!

The campaign is a partnership between Monterey County Weekly, the Community Foundation for Monterey County and the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, coupled with the generosity of our major partners—the Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel, Cannery Row Company, the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, the Colburn and Alana Jones Foundation at CFMC and the Gunde & Ernie Posey Family Foundation. Thanks to our partners, MCGives! kicks off this year’s campaign with an overall Matching Fund of $750,000.

Many participating nonprofits stepped up and raised Challenge Gifts from key supporters, to spur more giving and new donors from the community. Those gifts total nearly $1,425,000 to kick off this year’s campaign.

Combined, Monterey County Gives! has over $2.1 million in Matching and Challenge Gifts.

MCGives! runs through midnight on Dec. 31. 

We invite you to join in this great program, become a donor, and help spread the word. If you would, pass along the print issue of Monterey County Gives! to a friend or co-worker. Use the social media tools on this website to post your message to Facebook or to tweet about Monterey County Gives! Every bit helps. We’re in this together, and can collectively create positive change for all of us who call Monterey County home.

Please, join us to make a difference.

Click DONATE to make a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you.

Bradley Zeve, Monterey County Weekly in collaboration with

Dan Baldwin, Community Foundation for Monterey County

Steve John, Monterey Peninsula Foundation

and our other major partners



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Attention Monterey County Nonprofits

Monterey County Gives! launches November 10th, 2022.

The RFP for 2022 is now closed.