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Nov 12 - Dec 31, 2020

Max's Helping Paws Foundation


Max's Helping Paws reduces euthanasia, surrender and suffering by serving as a financial lifeline for responsible Monterey County families with a companion pet in a health crisis.

The Big Idea

Max’s Helping Paws now offers help from its Chestnut’s Crisis Fund. The fund was launched at the beginning of the shelter-in-place order to help those who have been financially affected by Covid-19-related business closures. Max’s Helping Paws has always aimed to take care of pets in a health crisis, helping to diagnose, save and extend the lives of hundreds of pets by financially supporting pet owners who face unexpected bills they cannot afford. Funds pay for both critical and chronic life-saving or life-extending diagnostics, stabilization, surgeries and treatments to keep companion pets from suffering, being surrendered or euthanized.

Gidget is doing AWESOME!!! She is getting stronger and stronger every day. We take daily walks to smell the flowers and she can actually push off of both back legs now to go up and off the curb! This was not possible before, nor was she able to put weight on all four paws. We are truly grateful for your help and wanted you to know that every single day that we go out for our walks it is possible because of you and your help. Every day she walks it means everything to us both.

- Melinda Moxley