Nov 7 - Dec 31, 2019

Campaign for the Preservation of Mission San Antonio


Campaign Mission Statement The mission of the Campaign for the Preservation of Mission San Antonio de Padua is to create an atmosphere of energy and vitality to encourage local and global participation in the events, history and ongoing care of the Mission.

The Big Idea

In completing the preservation of this mission, a California Historical Landmark, we will have ensured the continued operation of this historic site, allowing the continued visit by elementary school children, the continued use by high school, as well as university students.

Thru Dec. 2017, the Campaign has raised $ 7,631,31 which has been used in the State of California's mandated seismic retrofit of adobe constructed buildings. This project was broken into 5 phases. Phase I, the church is completed. Phase II, the library, gift shop, museum and conference room is completed. Phase III, the West wing which consist of retreat rooms is completed and 70 percent of the work on Phase IV, the north wing is completed. At this the Campaign is rapidly accumulating the funding needed to complete Phase IV and move into Phase V, the dining room, kitchen, small multi-purpose conference-dining room, storage rooms and garage. Last but not least, is the quadrangle, which will include the upgrading of the electrical lighting & plumbing of the center fountain, as well as the original landscaping.

Once completed, the Campaign will begin funding its annual maintenance program.

I just spent two lovely nights at the San Antonio mission on a water-color workship with Bonnie Carver.

I have lived in California all of my 67 years and yes, remember the 4th grade unit on the missions. Over the years, I have visited most of the missions during my travels. I've been sad to see most of them in such states of disrepair, or surrounded by urban sprawl. What a delight it was to be able to experience San Antonio Mission. I felt like it could have been the 18th century. The tranquility of the Mission and the surrounding hills, the humble but clean and comfortable rooms, the beautiful rose garden -- in full glorious bloom -- all made for a wonderful, relaxing, contemplative artistic experience.

I just made a contribution to your preservation campaign through Paypal. I wish you the best of luck with the earthquake retrofitting, no small task at all.

- Sally L (full last name not provided)