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Nov 10 - Dec 31, 2022

Door to Hope


We open the door to hope and offer a path to recovery for those who have mental health and substance use problems. We make the difference of a lifetime for children, youth, and families who have been exposed to trauma, violence, and alcohol and other drugs in the womb. We empower, support, and nurture all who walk through our door.

The Big Idea

Door to Hope is working to increase access to mental health services to a vulnerable population within Monterey County by continuing to provide the evidenced-based practice Circle of Security (COS) to better serve under-served and unserved families. Mental illness within the community is highly stigmatized and keeps families and individuals silent. Men, women and children are reluctant to speak about mental health issues they may be experiencing. The fear of emotional concerns being dismissed, the stigma around mental health, and the fears of mental health issues being discussed outside the home weigh heavily on families and individuals. COS educates, supports, and treats communication, stress, and emotional issues in families. The engagement process builds relationships. Case management and care coordination promotes successful outcomes for parents and their children. This project allows for the development of a trusting relationship to be built.

“Everything. The theme of wiser, stronger, bigger, kinder. I learned the importance of analyzing and reflecting on my feelings and emotions. I am a person that gets mad easily. Now I analyze my feelings before responding.”

- Anonymous Anonymous