Nov 8 - Dec 31, 2018

Ensemble Monterey


Ensemble Monterey enriches the cultural life of the Central Coast by performing music that is adventurous, challenging, and not commonly available to our community in any other venue. Ensemble Monterey specializes in performing master works for chamber ensembles of 8-25 musicians, and introducing great music, both old and new, in a wide variety of styles.

Secondarily, Ensemble Monterey strengthens the cultural fabric of the Central Coast by providing and encouraging an avenue of creative expression for professional musicians and composers who are residents of the community. Ensemble Monterey provides welcoming access and exciting educational experiences to those audience members who might not otherwise consider classical music a relevant or available part of their lives.

The Big Idea

Music enriches the lives of those who play, listen and engage with it, and one of our concerts this season will be a vehicle of social change and connection with an under-served Central Coast group.

Ensemble Monterey has been committed to making great music available to all who are interested for 25 years- we’ve offered reduced price tickets for seniors, students and members of the military and make efforts to involve students and families in our concerts. We have offered incentives to local and internationally renowned composers by premiering their works. And we have given professional performance opportunities to a number of student ensembles in our concerts over the past three years. In addition to continuing our outreach to students and students ensembles, we intend to take our mission of enriching lives a step further. We intend to partner with a local non profit that serves under-served groups of people for our final concert this season, in an effort to being together the arts, education and community service.

This is from one of our student musicians about her experience performing with professional musicians: “I’ll be standing in the risers and behind me comes this wall of sound that leaves me incapable of staying in touch with anything so distracting as nerves. It is a phenomenon that I fall in love with every single time.”

— Olivia Siemer, Age 15, Santa Cruz