Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2017

Gathering for Women


Providing homeless women with supportive resources and a caring community.

The Big Idea

Help us remodel our newly purchased facility so we can serve regular, hot, nutritious meals to the hundreds of homeless women we serve.

Last year, with the help of MCGives supporters, we launched a campaign to raise enough money to purchase a building in Monterey for a comprehensive day center for homeless women. The building is now a reality. The next step is to remodel it to include a small commercial kitchen and a welcoming dining hall so that we can provide food and community to the more than 400 homeless women living on the Monterey Peninsula.

It’s made me remember how much I liked being in the world. It’s made me remember how much I contributed to the world and the difference I used to make in the world…There’s affection and warmth here… that tremendously lightens me up – literally carries me…We’re part of your community…If it ever changes, I’ll forever hold it in my heart and mind – like Camelot.

— Confidential Confidential, Age 60, Monterey